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TEAM Grant

    TEAM Grants

    Emergency Relief for Gazan Tech Companies and Freelancers​

    TEAM Grants offering

    RISE Palestine program invites tech companies and tech freelancers impacted by the war in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem to complete TEAM Grant Application Form, the TEAM grant offers two emergency stipends:

    Emergency Relief Stipend

    Compensates Gazan employees of tech companies for lost income due to unfulfilled contracts, and Gazan tech freelancers who are unable to work with clients due to the war.

    Emergency Hire Stipend

    Aids established Gazan tech companies by funding the temporary hiring of tech professionals from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, ensuring the continuation of critical operations and revenue generation.

    * Application submissions for grants will be open by the end of February, and evaluated on a rolling basis. The program will start disbursements after it secures a minimum commitment of $500,000.

    TEAM Grant Amount & Agreement

    Amount determination

    TEAM Grant amount is determined by the selection committee and their review and evaluation of the submitted application.

    Tech businesses cap

    Grant amounts will be a maximum of $10,000 for established businesses in the technology sector to cover tech talent salaries, and up to $1,500 per month for tech freelancers.

    Disbursement agreenement

    Grant agreement and disbursement will be determined by the Selection and Financial committees assessment.

    TEAM Grant Eligibility & Criteria

    TEAM Grant applicants for the RISE Palestine program must meet the following eligibility and selection criteria requirements to be considered for evaluation and selection:

    Tech Company Pathway Eligibility Criteria

    • The company has a legally registered organization/company, operating out of Palestine - Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem; or in process of legal registration/committed to register with the relevant Palestinian ministry in order to receive the grant fund.
    • The company is defined as a business that provides tech consultancies, outsourcing and technology-based consultancies services that focus on process and service delivery or solutions and systems architecture.
    • Tech freelancers that are not official employees of a tech company are advised to apply for the TEAM grant following the “Tech Freelancer” pathway where they are eligible to apply.
    • The company can provide evidence of launched product or service with traction and customer validation for willingness to pay such as letters of intent, revenue from beta users, or other revenue generation (can be recurring or non-recurring);
    • The company operations and revenue generation are affected by the war on Gaza, and can provide evidence through application requirements.

    Tech Freelancer Pathway Eligibility Criteria

    • The tech freelancer must have been operating out of Gaza; and should have a registered bank account in Palestine in order to receive the grant fund.
    • The tech freelancer's professional work experience and nature is directly related to technical services/products/platforms/hardware/software/systems as a primary source of revenue.
    • The tech freelancer can provide evidence of unfulfilled contractual obligations due to the war on Gaza.

    TEAM Grant Selection Criteria

    1. Accuracy and completeness check

    The tech company or tech freelancer must ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data, information and documents provided. We regret considering any incomplete application.

    2. Compliance with Palestinian laws

    The financial committee will apply measures to ensure compliance with Palestinian law, and Bank of Palestine Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance policies. We regret considering applications that do not fulfill the measures.

    3. Things we factor in

    The selection committee criteria depends on multiple factors such as: tech company size, contracts affected, and employees needs of relief; or tech freelancer income damage and needs of relief.