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About SAFE Palestine

The SAFE Palestine Bridge Finance Initiative

We are investing in Palestine's proven innovaters to sustain 
them through this crisis.

The SAFE Palestine initiative is raising $5,000,000 for bridge equity investments in Palestine’s most promising startups that have                                   already demonstrated significant traction and/or raised institutional capital. SAFE Palestine will deploy up to $200,000 to each eligible                        startup through a special purpose vehicle using Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs) to extend their runway an additional nine months. 

This initiative is not just charity – it allows participants to share in the future success of these startups through founder-friendly                               investment agreements that are inexpensive, quick to execute, and well-understood by founders and investors.

Bank of Palestine has committed $500,000 from its balance sheet to support the SAFE Palestine Bridge Finance Initiative.                                                       In addition to its own investment, Bank of Palestine is covering all setup and management costs for investors, who will receive 100%                                     of all proceeds from the SAFE Palestine bridge finance vehicle.

SAFE Palestine Partners